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MASON COUNTY <br /> cry co 0SHE, <br /> SUPPORT SERVICES <br /> DIVISION OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT <br /> 100 W PUBLIC WORKS DRIVE, BUILDING 1 <br /> SHELTON, WASHINGTON 98584 <br /> 18.14 Phone (360)427-7535 <br /> Fax(360)427-7756 <br /> NEWS RELEASE <br /> Skokomish Valley River Alerts <br /> Skokomish Valley residents are reminded to visit the County web page under <br /> "Quick Links" to sign up for emergency alerts for both National Weather Service <br /> warnings and Emergency Management specific area notifications. In order to <br /> identify flood events that may require preventative actions, residents can sign <br /> up for the National Weather Service severe weather alerts and select specific <br /> weather events, (such as floods). Make sure you mark the box "Skokomish <br /> Valley" as your notification zone. <br /> 187 <br /> Emergency Management will use that same emergency alert system to send out <br /> alerts providing advanced warning for life threatening events and emergencies <br /> to residents of the Skokomish Valley. Make sure you mark the box "Skokomish <br /> Valley" to be included in these specific warnings. You can also call (360) 427- <br /> 7535 for assistance with registering for alerts. <br /> River gage information for the Skokomish River and the North Fork Skokomish <br /> River near Potlatch can be found at National Weather Service (NWS) links below. <br /> og v/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=sew&gage=srpwl <br /> Skokomish River <br /> og v/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=sew&gage=nspwl <br /> North Fork Skokomish River <br /> 1 <br />