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January 26, 2018 <br /> Press Release: <br /> Shelton Mason County Journal <br /> IFiberone News <br /> From: Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Mason County Treasurer <br /> RE: 2018 Property Taxes <br /> Pursuant to RCW 84.56.020, I, Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Mason County Treasurer, hereby certify that the 2018 tax <br /> roll has been completed and is ready for collection beginning,January 29t", 2018. <br /> Please note that 2018 tax statements are tentatively scheduled to be mailed out the week of February 12,2018. <br /> 2018 tax information will be available on our website beginning January 29, 2018. <br /> <br /> As,Treasurer, I wanted to share information as to why taxpayer's may have sticker shock when they receive their <br /> property tax statements this year. Increased market values,additional voter approved levies and the new law pass <br /> by the State to fund basic education have combined to significantly impact the amount of property taxes billed for <br /> 2018 in Mason County and around the State. <br /> In the States attempt to fund basic education, Engrossed House Bill 2422 became law on October 19,2017. The <br /> state increased the state levy rate for 2018 and beyond to$2.70 per$1000 of your property market value. In 2017 <br /> the state tax rate was$1.89 per$1000 of your property's market value. Rates will vary depending on the county <br /> you live in. You will see these taxes listed on your property tax statement in two parts,State School Levy Part 1 <br /> and State School Levy Part 2 <br /> The total state school levy(Parts 1&2)for Mason County increases from$1.95 per$1000 of market value in 2017 <br /> to$2.73 per$1000 of market value in 2018 and beyond, an increase of$78.00 per$100,000 of market value in <br /> 2018. <br /> The new school funding model is designed to shift the burden of paying for basic education off local school levies <br /> (currently known as M&O levies). EHB2242 caps local school maintenance and operation levies in 2019 at$1.50 <br /> (now known as Enrichment levies) per$1000 of market value(rates will vary by county and school district). In <br /> 2018,taxpayers in school districts throughout Mason County will see an increase in their combined local (M&0) <br /> and state tax rate, as the new state tax kicks in before the old local levy(M&O) rates are phased down. <br />