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'P$0 COU�'l� <br /> 18.54 <br /> Invasive Species Awareness Week <br /> February 25— March 3, 2018 <br /> WHEREAS, invasive species, including noxious weeds, damage our land and water, harm our wildlife and the <br /> productivity of our natural resources; and inhibit management of those resources in Mason County;and <br /> WHEREAS,every year,the costs to prevent, monitor, and control invasive species, combined with the damage to <br /> crops,fisheries,forests, and other resources cost the nation an estimated$137 billion per year; and <br /> WHEREAS, invasive species are recognized as the second greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide after habitat <br /> destruction from human development;and <br /> WHEREAS, invasive species threaten the survival of native plants and animals, and are a significant threat to <br /> almost half of the native species listed as federally endangered, including salmon;and <br /> WHEREAS, invasive species interfere with ecosystems by changing natural processes such as fire,water availability, <br /> and flooding;and <br /> WHEREAS,invasive species impede industry,threaten agriculture,endanger human health, and are becoming <br /> increasingly more difficult to prevent and control as a result of global commercialization and human travel; and <br /> WHEREAS, prevention is far less expensive than trying to remove species once they arrive and an educated and <br /> aware public is highly effective at detecting introduced species early; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, WE,the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS of MASON COUNTY,do hereby proclaim <br /> February 25—March 3, 2018 as <br /> Invasive Species Awareness Week <br /> In MASON COUNTY,and encourage all people in MASON COUNTY to learn more about preventing invasive species <br /> by visiting <br /> Dated this 27th day of February, 2018 <br /> ATTEST: BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> MASON <br /> 'CO�UNNTY,WASSHINGTON <br /> andy Neath rlin,Chair <br /> Me ssa re ,Clerk of t e Board /I <br /> Terri Drexler, issioner <br /> Kevin Shutty, Ommissioner <br />