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NEWS RELEASE <br /> May 8, 2018 <br /> MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> 411 NORTH 5T" ST <br /> SHELTON, WA 98584 <br /> TO: KMAS, KRXY, SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL, THE OLYMPIAN, SHELTON <br /> CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, NORTH MASON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, CITY OF <br /> SHELTON, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, THE SUN <br /> RE: Mason County Housing and Behavioral Health Advisory Board <br /> In a continuous effort to improve the health and quality of life of Mason County residents, the Mason <br /> County Board of Commissioners has adopted a resolution forming a Mason County Housing and <br /> Behavioral Health Advisory Board. <br /> The Advisory Board will solicit membership from the following sources: <br /> • One County Commissioner, designated as Chair, voting in case of a tie; <br /> • One City Council Member; <br /> • One Board of Health member that is not a county commissioner; <br /> • One representative from a social services funding organization; and <br /> • Mason County resident, not employed by Mason County, but not to exceed one resident per <br /> district. All interested citizens must complete a Citizens Application found on the Mason <br /> County Website. All applicants will be selected and appointed through the County <br /> Commissioners; and <br /> • All members shall serve a four-year term. <br /> The Housing and Behavioral Health Advisory Board shall review and develop recommendations to <br /> Mason County's Department of Community Services and County Commissioners in the areas of: <br /> a. Funding prioritization and gap identification which can be addressed utilizing available funding <br /> sources; <br /> b. Requests for Proposals (RFP): review, evaluate, score and provide funding <br /> recommendations to Mason County Community Services to ensure funding is prioritized in the <br /> areas of greatest need; <br /> c. Set community and program goals and ensure alignment of strategic plans; <br /> d. Examine and evaluate the identification of goals, performance measures, strategies, and costs <br /> and evaluation of progress towards established goals; <br /> e. Development and/or approval of Policies and Procedures related to the request for proposal <br /> process, contract monitoring, performance and corrective actions; and <br /> f. Define opportunities to better manage services and expected outcomes. <br /> A report containing recommendations on funding priorities should be received by the Board of <br /> Commissioners by.January 31, of each calendar year beginning in 2019, unless extended by the <br /> Board of Commissioners. <br /> Advisory Board meetings shall be subject to the Open Public Meetings Act and members will be <br /> required to attend, at no cost to themselves, Open Public Meetings Act and Public Record Act <br /> trainings made Mason County. <br /> Interested citizens may obtain an application on the Mason County website at <br /> or emailing Applications will be accepted until June 30, 2018. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ) <br /> Randy Kevin.ShTerri Drexleu <br /> Chair .Vatherlin <br /> Commissioner Commissioner <br />