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NEWS RELEASE <br /> July 10,2018 <br /> MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> 411 NORTH 5TH STREET <br /> SHELTON,WA 98584 <br /> TO: KMAS,KRXY, SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL,THE OLYMPIAN, SHELTON <br /> CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,NORTH MASON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, CITY OF <br /> SHELTON,ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL,THE SUN,MASON TRANSIT <br /> RE: Mason County and City of Shelton Recycling Press Release <br /> Due to new environmental policies,China banned the import of many recyclable materials on January 1, <br /> 2018,and lowered the contamination rate for recyclables not covered by the ban to 0.5%. Most of the <br /> recycling materials from the West Coast have been sold to China for many years. The new policies have <br /> reduced the amount of recycling materials sold to China and resulted in commodity prices dropping to a <br /> negative value. Material recovery facilities have scrambled to find new markets to accept the recycle <br /> materials and have instituted new machinery and procedures to clean recycle materials to a low <br /> contamination percentage. <br /> There is continuing market uncertainty even for materials not covered by the ban.China is now <br /> conducting strict inspections of recyclables at U.S. facilities.Even materials that meet the new 0.5% <br /> contaminant threshold will still be rejected if any banned material is found.For example,an entire <br /> allotment of 10 or more shipping containers will be disallowed if a single bottle with dried juice inside is <br /> found during an inspection of materials that otherwise meet the 0.5%threshold. <br /> Recycling programs are being re-evaluated across the United States.In Washington State Counties and <br /> Cities are seeing substantial impacts to their recycling programs. The increased costs and related <br /> problems are resulting in closures of facilities,elimination of collecting certain recyclables,and <br /> landfilling of contaminated recyclables. <br /> Mason County,the City of Shelton,and Mason County Garbage are committed to providing recycling <br /> opportunities to our customers through City of Shelton and Mason County curbside services,commercial <br /> recycling services,and the Mason County Blue boxes located at each transfer station. Your providers <br /> want to continue to provide the level of service that Mason County residents have come to expect but they <br /> need your help in reducing the contamination percentage of our recyclables. <br /> Please review the web pages at bttp:// for how to prepare your <br /> materials and accepted materials for each of these services.Blue box information is available at <br /> h!W:// Source separation of recyclables from <br /> garbage is the first step.Recyclables must also be empty,clean,and dry.If you do not know whether <br /> something can be recycled,throw it in the garbage. WHEN IN DOUBT,THROW IT OUT! <br /> If you have any questions you can contact Bart Stepp,Mason County Public Works,at(360)427-9670, <br /> Ext.199. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> Randy Neatherlin Tem Drexler Kevin tty <br /> Chair Vice Chair Commissio r <br />