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N <br /> r <br /> RESOLUTION NO. �g <br /> LOAD/SPEED RESTRICTI NS AND <br /> EMERGENCY CLOSING ORDERS FOR COUNTY ROADS <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to the emergency provisions of RCW 36.75.270 and RCW <br /> 46.44.080,all Mason County roads are hereby immediately subject to closure for travel by all vehicles exceeding the <br /> weight and/or speed limits as listed herein for the 2019 calendar year. (Note:The Board may suspend or extend the <br /> closure on any County Road by independent action according to the prevailing conditions.) <br /> THIS ORDER shall not supersede or modify any restrictions now in force covering load limits on bridges <br /> located upon county roads. <br /> THE COUNTY ROADS posted with the following load restrictions are closed to all vehicles with a gross <br /> weight(vehicles and load)which exceeds the following load limits for the size of tires as stated in WAC 468-38-080 <br /> and as set forth below: <br /> EMERGENCY LOAD RESTRICTIONS <br /> CONVENTIONAL TIRES TUBELESS OR SPECIAL WITH.5 MARKING <br /> Gross Load Gross Load <br /> Tire Size Each Tire Tire Size Each Tire <br /> 7.00 1800 lbs. 8-22.5 2250 lbs. <br /> 7.50 2250 lbs. 9-22.5 2800 lbs. <br /> 8.25 2800 lbs. 10-22.5 3400 lbs. <br /> 9.00 3400 lbs. 11-22.5 4000 lbs. <br /> 10.00 4000 lbs. 11-24.5 4000 lbs. <br /> 11.00&over 4500 lbs. 12-22.5&over 4500 lbs. <br /> SEVERE EMERGENCY LOAD RESTRICTIONS <br /> CONVENTIONAL TIRES TUBELESS OR SPECIAL WITH.5 MARKING <br /> Gross Load Gross Load <br /> Tire Size Each Tire Tire Size Each Tire <br /> 7.00 1800 lbs. 8-22.5 1800 lbs. <br /> 7.50 1800 lbs. 9-22.5 1900 lbs. <br /> 8.25 1900 lbs. 10-22.5 2250 lbs. <br /> 9.00 2250 lbs. 11-22.5 2750 lbs. <br /> 10.00 2750 lbs. 11-24.5 2750 lbs. <br /> 11.00&over 3000 lbs. 12-22.5&over 3000 lbs. <br /> IN ACCORDANCE WITH RCW 36.75.270 and RCW 46.44.080,these emergency restrictions may be <br /> imposed effective immediately,by posting the roads involved. <br /> WHEN IMPOSING LOAD RESTRICTIONS pursuant to this Resolution,the Mason County Public <br /> Works Department shall specify and display by posted signs,whichever of the above schedules of load restrictions is <br /> necessary to protect the county road from damage. <br /> NO ALLOWANCE SHALL BE MADE for any second gear axle suspended from the frame of the vehicle <br /> independent of the regular driving axle,otherwise known as"rigid trail'axles. Allowance will be made for single tires <br /> only on the front of any truck. The load distribution on any axle of a vehicle shall be such that it will not load the tires <br /> on said axles in excess of the prescribed load,as above set forth. Any loading in excess of the specified maximums as <br /> listed herein will be considered a violation of this order. If the motive power for any type of trailer is inadequate to <br /> safely handle the specified maximum load as listed herein for such trailer,then in that event,the load on the trailer shall <br /> be reduced sufficiently to allow said truck and trailer to operate with safety. <br /> PERMITS ALLOWING TRANSPORTATION ALONG RESTRICTED ROADS. Permits may be issued <br /> by the Mason County Public Works Department to allow the operation of trucks transporting perishable commodities <br /> or commodities necessary for the health and welfare of local residents on such county roads,which may be closed or <br /> restricted. Such permit may include weight and speed restrictions,plus other restrictions deemed necessary to protect <br /> the roadway from undo damage. Vehicles with a gross weight of less than 10,500 lbs(GVW)shall be permitted to <br /> operate at full capacity under this resolution.(By general rule emergency vehicles do not need a special permit,but may <br /> require weight and speed restrictions.School buses maybe required to run emergency bus routes with possible speed <br /> restrictions). <br /> Page 1 of 2 <br />