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RESOLUTION No. O, o-19 <br /> AMENDS RESOLUTION 20-18 <br /> IN THE MATTER OF CONTINUING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE WASHINGTON <br /> COUNTIES RISK POOL AND THE RELATED APPOINTMENTS AND DESIGNATIONS <br /> OF/FOR EACH MEMBER COUNTY. <br /> WHEREAS, several Washington counties agreed to the creation of the Washington Counties <br /> Risk Pool ("Pool', organized and operating under Chapters 48.62 and 39.34 RCW, to provide to <br /> its member counties programs of joint self-insurance, joint purchasing of insurance, and joint <br /> contracting for or hiring of personnel to provide risk management, claims handling, and <br /> administrative services; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Pool's Interlocal Agreement and Bylaws, and policies of its Board of Directors <br /> require appointees and/or designees from each member county; that is: <br /> a) Director / Alternate Director - officers or employees of each Pool member county that <br /> are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the respective county's legislative authority <br /> (Article 8 of the Interlocal Agreement and Article 2 of the Bylaws), <br /> b) County Risk Manager - an employee of each Pool member county appointed to serve as <br /> a liaison between the County and the Pool as to risk management and who is responsible <br /> for the risk management function within the County (Article 11(b) of the Interlocal <br /> Agreement); <br /> c) County Safety Officer - an active employee designated by each Pool member county <br /> who, along with a related committee, are maintained to consider all recommendations <br /> concerning the development and implementation of a loss control policy to prevent unsafe <br /> practices (Article 11(c) of the Interlocal Agreement); and <br /> d) County Claims Administrator - each Pool member county's must designate someone to <br /> administer civil claims, with whom incidents should be immediately reported to, who is <br /> responsible for sending all claims and lawsuits and reporting various known incidents to the <br /> Pool, and with whom the Pool will coordinate the County's clams administration (section B <br /> of the Pool Board of Directors'Claims Handling Policies and Procedures); <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Commissioners for Mason County <br /> hereby confirms the appointment or designation of the following individuals for the applicable <br /> and required relationships with the Washington Counties Risk Pool: <br />