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Resolution No. LI <br /> 2019 Uncollectible Personal Property Taxes <br /> Affidavit of Mason County Treasurer <br /> Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 84.56.240 states in part that if the county treasurer is unable for the want of <br /> goods or chattels whereupon to levy,to collect by distress or otherwise,the taxes, or any part thereof, <br /> which may have been assessed upon the personal property of any person or corporation.........,the <br /> treasurer shall file with the county legislative authority, on the first day of February following, a list of <br /> such taxes. <br /> THEREFORE, pursuant to RCW 84.56.240, 1 Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Mason County Treasurer, and <br /> or my deputy entrusted with the collection of the taxes have made a diligent search and inquiry for <br /> goods and chattels wherewith to make such taxes, and was unable to make or collect the same as <br /> shown on attachment "A". <br /> NOW THEREFORE,the Mason County Board of County Commissioner's hereby accepts the <br /> affidavit of the Mason County Treasurer and hereby approves the cancellation of uncollectible personal <br /> property taxes as shown on attachment"A". <br /> fl„ <br /> Dated this day of February, 2019. <br /> BOAR OF MASO U TY COMMISSIONERS <br /> ATTESTED TO: <br /> Kevin Shutty, Ch it <br /> JI <br /> isabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Mason County Treasurer <br /> Sharon Trask,Vice Chair <br /> ATTESTED TO: <br /> Randj"'Neatherlik C mmissioner <br /> Meli sa ry, Clerk o e Board <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> Tim Whiteh d,_Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney <br /> 1 <br />