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RESOLUTION N0. 0-7 - 19 <br /> AMENDING RESOLUTION NO 32-18 <br /> MASON COUNTY UTILITIES & WASTE MANAGEMENT CASH DRAWERS <br /> WHEREAS, Mason County Department of Utilities&Waste Management has the operation of <br /> the Mason County Solid Waste Facilities and <br /> WHEREAS, due to a decrease in transactions at the Mason County Public Works Administration <br /> Building, it is no longer necessary to maintain a cash drawer at that location. <br /> NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOVLED THAT the cash drawer located at the Mason County Public <br /> Works Administration Building be closed and the twenty-five dollars be deposited back to the credit of <br /> Mason County Landfill, Fund #402.000000.000.000.385.00.300000.0000.00—Special or Extraordinary <br /> Items. <br /> EFFECTIVE this day of , 2019. <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, <br /> MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br /> ATTEST: k�_ <br /> A Adz <br /> Me issa ry, Clerk of the Board Kevin Shutty-C air <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> Sharon Trask- ice Chair <br /> Tim Whitehea _ <br /> Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ra dy Neatherlin - mmissioner <br /> APPROVED: <br /> Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Mason County Treasurer <br /> Cc: Clerk of the Board <br /> Leo Kim—Chief Financial Manager—Auditor's Office <br /> Lisa Frazier—Treasurer's Office <br />