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ORDINANCE NO. <br /> AN ORDINANCE creating a Lake Management District for Spencer Lake pursuant to Chapters 36.61 RCW,to be designated <br /> Mason County Lake Management District No. 3 for Spencer Lake. <br /> WHEREAS,Chapter 36.61 RCW authorized the Board of Mason County Commissioners to initiate the creation of lake <br /> management districts; <br /> WHEREAS,the Board of Mason County Commissioners found the creation of a lake management district for Spencer <br /> Lake to be in the public interest through adoption of Resolution 55-19;and <br /> WHEREAS,the proposal to create the lake management district received a majority of the votes cast by property owners <br /> within the proposed district pursuant to RCW <br /> NOW,THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of County Commissioners of Mason County as follows. <br /> Creation of District <br /> Mason County Lake Management District No.3 for Spencer Lake,as proposed in Resolution No.37-19 adopted on May 7,2019, <br /> is hereby created. <br /> Conditions for District Operation <br /> The conditions for the operation of Lake Management District No. 3 are set forth in Resolution 55-19,Exhibit A hereto,which <br /> resolution is incorporated by reference as though set forth in full. The conditions for operation set forth in Exhibit A include the <br /> findings and determinations,with district purposes,district boundaries,duration(10 years);annual rates and charges and <br /> provision for a steering committee. <br /> Rates and Charges-Collection <br /> 1. Rates and charges for Lake Management District No.3 shall be included in Mason County's annual property tax <br /> statements. Properties which do not receive a property tax statement will receive a separate billing statement for these <br /> rates and charges. <br /> 2 The total amount of the Lake Management District No.3 rate and charge shall be due and payable on or before the 30fl' <br /> day of April and shall be delinquent after that date;however, if one-half of such rate and charge is paid on or before the <br /> said 30`h of April the remainder shall be due and payable on or before the 31'day of October and shall be delinquent <br /> after that date. <br /> 3. If a payment is received in conjunction with a combined property tax and Lake Management District No.3 rate and <br /> charge,and the payment is less than the amount due,the payment shall be applied first to the annual property tax of the <br /> parcel and any remaining due amount to the Lake Management District No.3 rate and charge. <br /> Severability <br /> If any clause,sentence,paragraph,section,or provision of this Ordinance or the application thereof to any person or <br /> circumstances shall be found to be invalid,the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected,and the Ordinance shall <br /> be construed or enforced as if it did not contain the particular provision held to be invalid. <br /> ADOPTED this 13`�day of August 2019. <br /> 41�4TQ <br /> TTES : BOARD OF CO COMMISSIONERS <br /> S NCO SHINGTON <br /> Me� ,Clerk f the Board <br /> vin Sh,fUl- , <br /> PROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> --- - - �� —'gh on Trask,16ommissioner <br /> Timothteheat Chief Deputy <br /> Prosecuting Attorney <br /> Rand eatherlin,CMnmissioner <br /> C: Auditor/Accounting <br /> Assessor <br /> Treasurer <br /> J:\Lake Management District\Spencer Lake\LMD-Ordinance to Create.doc <br />