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cc: CMMRS Neatherlin, Shutty&Trask <br /> Clerk <br /> Mason County Commissioners <br /> 411 N 5th St Ste 1 <br /> Shelton, Wa. 98584 RECEIVE® <br /> AUG 2 9 2019 <br /> Mason County Board of Commissioners Mason County <br /> Commissioner Randy Neatherlin: <br /> Commissioners <br /> Commissioner Kevin Shutty: <br /> Commissioner Sharon Trask: <br /> Re: The increased traffic on Honeysuckle Lane since Mason County approved two pot farms on <br /> the road: <br /> Mason County Commissioners, <br /> HoneySuckle Lane is a private road off of Eells Hill Road that has no road maintenance <br /> agreement in place with the residents of the road. In the absence of an agreement I have <br /> graveled the road twice with little financial help from most of the 12 other families which live <br /> on HoneySuckle Lane. When the County approved two pot farms on the road the increase in <br /> truck deliveries, truck exports, plus all the employees has put a lot of extra need for <br /> maintenance. I would hope in the future that in the County's environmental impact statement <br /> check list, that impacts to private roads are considered. The County should have put <br /> responsibility of the maintenance of the private road on the businesses when they approved <br /> them. With that said I believe the fair and right thing to do is for County to accept the <br /> maintenance on HoneySuckle Lane and bring it into Mason County's road system. <br /> Thank you for your consideration on this issue. <br /> Sincerely, �1 <br /> Rick Blake <br /> 151 Husky Lane <br /> 360-426-0558 Cell 360-4902129 <br />