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MASON COUNTY <br /> BRIEFING ITEM SUMMARY FORM <br /> TO: BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> FROM: Melissa Drewry <br /> DEPARTMENT: Support Services EXT: 589 <br /> BRIEFING DATE: September 9, 2019 <br /> PREVIOUS BRIEFING DATES: <br /> If this is a follow-up briefing, please provide only new information <br /> INTERNAL REVIEW (please check all that apply): ❑ Budget/Finance ❑ Human Resources <br /> E. Legal ❑ Other — please explain <br /> ITEM: Draft order for 2019 tax title auction to sell parcels on <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: (if applicable, please include available options and potential <br /> solutions): <br /> Pursuant to RCW 36.35.120, real property acquired by foreclosure of delinquent taxes <br /> may be sold by order of the county legislative authority if it is deemed in the county' s <br /> best interests to sell the real property. The first step to being the process is for the Commissioners to <br /> approve an Order of Sale. The Treasurer will then arrange an on-line sale with Bid4Assets. <br /> Part of this process is notifying the City of parcels within city limits foreclosed by the County. A letter <br /> will need to be sent to the City of Shelton allowing them to purchase these parcels for the amount of <br /> taxes owed. <br /> BUDGET IMPACT: If all parcels sold for the minimum bid (excluding listing & recording fees) the <br /> total would be $181,394.44 This would first go towards delinquent taxes, penalties and any other fees <br /> owed for the parcel. After the sale, these parcels will go back onto the tax roll. Should any parcels not <br /> sell, they will be listed with Richard Beckman for sale. <br /> • Listing fee to be added to each parcel: $125 (this goes to <br /> • Recording fee: $ 104.50 (estimated two pages of recorded documents per parcel) <br /> • Affidavit fee: $10 each parcel <br /> PUBLIC OUTREACH:(Include any legal requirements, direct notice, website, community <br /> meetings, etc.) <br /> If approved at the 9/17/19 meeting, the notice will be emailed out to any interested parties that have <br /> signed up for notification along with notice on our website, Facebook page, and various postings from <br /> <br /> RECOMMENDED OR REQUESTED ACTION: Approval to place on the 9/17/19 action agenda <br /> for approval. <br /> ATTACHMENTS: <br /> Parcel list showing descriptions and total taxes owed <br /> Letter to City of Shelton notifying of County held parcels <br /> Briefing Summary 9/3/2019 <br />