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MASON COUNTY CURRENT EXPENSE PROPERTY TAX LEVY <br /> RESOLUTION NO. I 13 -I9 <br /> WHEREAS,the Board of Mason County Commissioners has met and considered its <br /> budget for the calendar year 2020 and, <br /> WHEREAS,the Current Expense(District's)actual levy from the previous year was <br /> $10,207,397.50; and, <br /> WHEREAS,the population of Mason County is more than 10,000; and now therefore, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the governing body of the taxing district(Current Expense)that <br /> an increase in the regular property tax levy is hereby authorized for the levy to be collected in the <br /> 2020 tax year. <br /> The dollar amount of the increase over the actual levy amount from the previous year <br /> shall be$65,286.53, which is a percentage increase of 1% from the previous year. This increase <br /> is exclusive of additional revenue resulting from new construction, improvements to property, <br /> newly constructed wind turbines, any increase in the value of state assessed property, any <br /> annexations that have occurred and refunds made. The district will collect an additional <br /> $109,378.55 of revenue from new construction, $0 from refunds levied by the Treasurer,and <br /> $1,322.67 from state assessed utilities. <br /> This resolution reserves unutilized levy for banked capacity. The current banked capacity <br /> reserved for the year 2020 is $0. <br /> ADOPTED this ' day of iUDvemk-r 2019. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> Kevin Shutty, hairperson <br /> Randy NeatherNiommissioner <br /> Sharon Tras , Commissioner <br /> ATTES <br /> Melissa Drewry, Clerk of the Board <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> Timhite�Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney <br />