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NEWS RELEASE <br /> December 10,2019 <br /> MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> 411 NORTH 5TH STREET <br /> SHELTON,WA 98584 <br /> (360)427-9670 EXT. 747 <br /> TO: KMAS, KRXY, SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL,THE OLYMPIAN, <br /> SHELTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,NORTH MASON CHAMBER OF <br /> COMMERCE, CITY OF SHELTON, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, <br /> THE SUN <br /> RE: 2020 Water and Sewer System Rate Increases for <br /> North Bay, Rustlewood and Beards Cove <br /> Per Mason County resolutions#146-08, #05-09, and#06-09, all water and sewer rates and fees at <br /> the Mason County owned and operated Rustlewood, Beards Cove and North Bay Case Inlet <br /> water and sewer systems will increase by 2.4% for the 2020 calendar year. The increase <br /> corresponds to the April 2019 consumer price index (CPI-U) for the Bremerton Area for the one <br /> year period ending April 2019. <br /> This increase applies to all charges associated with the referenced water and sewer utility <br /> systems, including monthly service rates, connection and permit fees and other related charges; <br /> as well as covering the annual cost increase experienced by the County for the operation and <br /> maintenance of the above referenced water and sewer utility systems. <br /> Notices will be mailed out to all Beards Cove,North Bay Case Inlet and Rustlewood utility users <br /> because of these rate changes. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> evin h tty Sharon rask R dy Neatherlin <br /> Chair Vice Chair Commissioner <br />