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Resolution No. 2020-13(formally known as 20-13) <br /> Amends Resolution No. 42-17 <br /> Fee Schedule for <br /> Current Use Assessment Programs and Designated Forest Land <br /> WHEREAS, the Open Space Taxation Act, enacted in 1970, allows property owners to <br /> have their Open Space, Farm and Agricultural, and Timber Lands valued at their <br /> current use rather than their highest and best use; <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 84.34.030 states "An owner...desiring current use classification...The <br /> application shall be accompanied by a reasonable processing fee if such processing fee <br /> is established by the city or county legislative authority..."; <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 84.33.130 (2) states "An owner of land desiring that it be designated <br /> as forest land—The application shall be accompanied by a reasonable processing fee <br /> when the county legislative authority has established the requirement for such a fee." <br /> WHEREAS, the fee was established by adoption of Resolution 42-17 at$500 for each <br /> application and reclassification and the Assessor has recommended this $500 fee be <br /> established per parcel; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED BY THE MASON COUNTY BOARD <br /> OF COMMISSIONERS TO amend the fee to $500.00 per parcel for new applications and <br /> reclassifications for the Open Space,Farm and Agriculture and Designated Forest Land <br /> programs. <br /> Effective this 4th day of February, 2020. <br /> Board of County Commissioners <br /> ATTEST: Mason County,Washington <br /> Ole <br /> M issa rewry, CI&of the Board Sharon Trask, Chair <br /> OVE O FORM: <br /> -y tehea <br /> Randy Neatherlin, ommissioner <br /> 7TJotd, Chief Deputy <br /> Prosecuting Attorney IkIS4? <br /> Kevin Shu , Commissioner <br />