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N' <br /> //" ,s IA Coy Office of the Treasurer <br /> 411 N. 5th, Bldg. <br /> P.O. Box 429 <br /> rh Shelton, Washington 98584-0429 <br /> ASul (360) 427-9670, ext. 475 • Fax (360) 427-7267 <br /> `p Belfair (360) 275-4467 • Elma (360) 482-5269 <br /> s Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Treasurer <br /> PRESS RELEASE <br /> To: Public <br /> I Fiberone News Radio <br /> Shelton Mason County Journal <br /> From: Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier, Mason County Treasurer <br /> The 2020 tax roll has been delivered to our print vendor and are scheduled to be mailed out during the <br /> week of February 17t',2020. Taxes are due by April 30th, 2020. <br /> 2020 property tax information is available on the Treasurer's website at <br /> https•// <br /> Taxpayer's will find that their 2020 tax statement has a new look. 2019 Legislative changes required <br /> additional information be provided on back of the tax statement. The county treasurer seized upon the <br /> opportunity to revamp the entire statement to more clearly show how your total taxes break down. <br /> 2020 tax statements bring increases for most Mason County taxpayers, which is largely the result of <br /> state legislation. For more information please visit the Treasurer's website at <br /> and click on "Why did my 2020 Property Taxes Increase". <br /> If you have questions about the assessed value, levy rates or for more information on Senior/Disability <br /> tax exemptions contact the Assessor's Office at 360-427-9670, Ext.491. <br /> If you have questions about property tax payments contact the Treasurer's Office at 360-427-9670, Ext. <br /> 475. <br /> Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. (except holidays). <br />