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NEWS RELEASE <br /> March 17, 2020 <br /> MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS' OFFICE <br /> 411 N 5TH ST, BLDG 1, SHELTON, WA 98584 <br /> TO: KMAS, KRXY, SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL, THE OLYMPIAN, <br /> SHELTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, NORTH MASON CHAMBER OF <br /> COMMERCE, CITY OF SHELTON, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, THE <br /> SUN <br /> RE: Modification of Mason County Services to Limit Citizen Exposure and Implement Social <br /> Distancing <br /> As Mason County is thrust into the need to address and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to its citizens, county staff, <br /> friends, family and neighbors, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is tasked with creating an environment <br /> where Mason County is setting the example for others to follow. The BOCC is reaching out to our citizens and staff <br /> proposing actions to limit the spread of COVID-19 within our community. <br /> These actions are the most effective tools the County has available to help slow the spread of the virus in our <br /> community,By slowing the spread,we have a chance to protect our citizens,county staff, family,friends and neighbors <br /> who are at risk for severe illness.In particular,this includes all adults over age 60 and anyone with an underlying health <br /> condition. <br /> At this time,Mason County is open and the BOCC is not considering staff reductions. <br /> These actions will limit the cascading impacts to critical services due to high absenteeism, if large numbers of county <br /> staff become ill. These actions may also help hospitals and other healthcare services continue to provide services for <br /> those who need them(along with citizens,first responders and businesses)in the coming weeks and months. <br /> • Limit Reception and Front Counter Services for all county offices. <br /> • Restrict non-essential county business travel by county employees outside the county. <br /> • Restrict non-essential meetings within the county,use teleconferencing where possible. <br /> • Use Telework options when and where available as defined by your Elected Official or Director. <br /> • Limit BOCC Briefing and Action Iterns to those absolutely essential that could have a negative financial or <br /> public safety impact if not acted on. <br /> • Suspend some Commissioner meetings and act on more items less often,limit public attendance and offer <br /> public participation either by mail,e-mail or by phone.Live stream all meetings for public viewing. <br /> • Suspend all County Advisory Board meetings. <br /> • Close County Parks. <br /> • Encourage the public use online services to pay taxes,license renewals,submit some building permit types via <br /> SmartGov. <br /> • Request the public conduct all county business possible via phone or online. Please contact any County office <br /> before coming in to verify the operating hours and/or make an appointment. <br /> The more united we can be in preventing the spread and be in this together—the greater the benefit for the whole <br /> community. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> Sharon Trac Kevin Shutty Rafidy Neatherlin <br /> Chair Commissioner Commissioner <br />