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MASON COUNTY <br /> DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br /> 100 W PUBLIC WORKS DRIVE <br /> SHELTON, WASHINGTON 9858 <br /> Phone(360)427-9670 x450 <br /> Fax(360)427-7783 <br /> MASON COUNTY Exhibit A — <br /> MISSION <br /> Right of Way Procedures for Public Works Projects <br /> The mission of Mason <br /> County Government is to <br /> provide essential& The County of Mason, hereinafter referred to as "AGENCY", desiring to acquire real <br /> mandated services which <br /> will preserve & benefit the property (obtain an interest in; and possession of, real property) in accordance with <br /> health,safety.&welfare of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act and <br /> the general public in a <br /> professional and courteous applicable federal regulations (49 CFR Part 24) and state law (Ch. 8.26 RCW), and state <br /> nanner through the effective regulations (Ch. 468-100 WAC) hereby adopts the following procedures to implement <br /> and equitable management <br /> of available public the above statutes and Washington Administrative Code.The AGENCY is responsible <br /> resources. for the real property,acquisition and relocation activities on projects administered by <br /> Mason County recognizes the AGENCY.To fulfill the above requirements the AGENCY will acquire right-of-way <br /> tvolunteers are the employees&. (ROW) in accordance with the policies set forth in the Right of Way Manual M 26-01 <br /> volunteers <br /> foundation upon which and Local Agency Guidelines.The AGENCY has the following expertise and personnel <br /> these services are provided. <br /> capabilities to accomplish these functions: <br /> 1. The following relate to the AGENCY's request. <br /> a. Below is a list of responsible AGENCY individual names.and positions,for <br /> which the AGENCY has qualified staff to perform the specific right-of-way <br /> function(s). Attached are resumes for each individual AGENCY staff listed,to <br /> perform those functions below, and a brief summary of their qualifications <br /> pertaining to the specific ROW function(s) for which they are listed.The <br /> procedures shall be updated whenever staffing changes occur.The AGENCY <br /> will be approved to acquire based upon staff qualifications. <br /> i. PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION <br /> Oversee delivery of the R/W Program on federal aid projects for the <br /> agency. Ensures R/W functions are carried out in compliance With <br /> federal and state laws, regulations, policies and procedures. <br /> Responsibilities/Expectations: <br /> • Ensures agency's approved R/W Procedures are current, including <br /> staff qualifications, and provides copies to consultants and agency <br /> staff; <br /> • Oversight of ROW consultants; <br /> o use of consultant contract approved by WSDOT <br /> o management of ROW contracts <br /> o management of ROW files <br /> o reviews and approves actions-and decisions recommended by <br /> consultants <br /> o Overall responsibility for decisions that are outside the <br /> purview of consultant functions <br /> LPA-001 Right of Way,8tt&JF_CT TO REQUIREMENTS LISTEDW 1 of 5 <br /> Revised 12/2017 <br /> Rll,l-IT nP 1A/AV r_)PnrPni IRP:C OpIDPDX/AI I PTTFR <br />