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Pursuant to Proclamation by the Governor 20-28, in-person attendance to Commission meetings is <br /> temporarily prohibited. <br /> Our Commission meetings are live streamed at we will accept public <br /> comment via email—; or mail to Commissioners Office, 411 North 5th Street, <br /> Shelton, WA 98584; or call 360-427-9670 ext. 419. If you need to listen to the Commission meeting via <br /> your telephone, please provide your telephone number to the Commissioners'office no later than 4 p.m. <br /> the Friday before the meeting. <br /> We intend to limit our meetings to discuss and/or take action on only necessary and routine matters or <br /> matters necessary to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and current public health emergency. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> DRAFT MEETING AGENDA <br /> 411 North Fifth Street, Shelton WA 98584 <br /> Week of May 25, 2020 <br /> Monday, May 25, 2020 <br /> NO BRIEFINGS DUE TO THE MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY <br /> Tuesday, May 26, 2020 <br /> 9:00 A.M. Executive Session - RCW 42.30.110 (1)(i) Potential Litigation <br /> 10:00 A.M. Planning Advisory Commission Interviews <br /> 11:00 A.M. Community Services — Dave Windom <br /> Commission Discussion <br /> Noon WA State Association of Counties Zoom Meeting* <br /> Coronavirus Relief Funding "Chautauqua" <br /> *This is being noticed as a Special Commission Meeting because a quorum of the Mason <br /> County Commission may attend this event and notification is provided per Mason County <br /> Code Chapter 2.88.020 -Special Meetings. <br /> Briefing Agendas are subject to change,please contact the Commissioners'office for the most recent version. <br /> Last printed 05/21/20 at 2:25 PM <br /> If special accommodations are needed,contact the Commissioners'office at ext.419,Shelton#360-427-9670;Belfair#275-4467, <br /> Elma#482-5269. <br />