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MASON COUNTY <br /> COMMUNITY SERVICES <br /> Building,Planning,Environmental Health,Community Health <br /> 16 June 2020 <br /> John Wiesman <br /> Washington Secretary of Health <br /> RE: Mason County Application <br /> Dear Dr. Wiesman, <br /> I am pleased to write to you with our application to move from Phase 2 into Phase 3 of the <br /> Governor's plan for COVIDI9 recovery. Our interaction with DOH staff,Kathy Lofy, and you have <br /> been essential into getting a measurable set of criteria that scales across counties. Your efforts are <br /> appreciated. <br /> Our continued primary focus is keeping people safe while re-opening the economy that is vital to <br /> improving the social determinant factors of public health. <br /> Mason County will officially move into Phase 3 not earlier than 22 June 2020 or 48 hours after <br /> official approval notification from DOH. The Mason County Joint Information Center will post the <br /> start date and time through standard notification channels. <br /> Mason County understands that the state is not producing industry specific guidance for Phase 3 with <br /> the exception of pools/spas and sporting events. Guidance from Phase 2 is extended into Phase 3. <br /> Mason County seeks a full opening to Phase 3 with the exceptions of pools/spas and county owned <br /> sporting facilities/ball fields. These areas will be approved upon commission and health officer <br /> review and approval. <br /> Mason County offices will utilize the Phase 3 Safe Start Plan Template <br /> ( Phase3_l.ndPutm_medium=em <br /> ail&utm_source=govdeliverx)Appendix B for opening the county to the public at large with a <br /> tentative start date of 22 June,2020 <br /> Please contact me if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to continue working with <br /> you. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> David Windom,MSHS <br /> Community Services Director <br /> Public Health Community Development <br /> (Community Health/Environmental Health) (Permit Assistance Center/Building/Planning) <br /> 415 N.61 Street—Shelton,WA 98584 615 W.Alder Street—Shelton,WA 98584 <br /> Shelton:360-427-9670,Ext.400 Shelton:360-427-9670,Ext.352 <br /> Belfair:360-275-4467,Ext.400 Belfair:360-275-4467,Ext.352 <br /> Elma:360-482-5269,Ext.400 Elma:360-482-5269,Ext.352 <br />