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Resolution No. M20-ICI <br /> Amendment to Resolution 33-18 to expand advisory board membership and Mason County <br /> Code Chapter 2.80. <br /> A Resolution Establishing a Mason County Housing and Behavioral Health Advisory <br /> Board on Housing, Homelessness, Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment <br /> WHEREAS, housing is a factor that influences health (i.e. a social determinate of health), <br /> especially affordable housing, and is a community challenge that is common to all low-income <br /> housing, homeless, mental health, and substance use disorder providers; <br /> WHEREAS, Mason County receives approximately $1,800,000 through the Consolidated <br /> Homeless Grant, local document recording fees and the 1/10 of 1% Sales and Use Tax (i.e. <br /> Treatment Sales Tax) for mental health and substance use disorder treatment; <br /> WHEREAS, Document Recording Fee statute RCW 43.185C.050 - Local Homeless Housing <br /> Plans section (2)(g) requires counties to measure progress through the "Development and <br /> management of local homeless plans including homeless census data collection; identification <br /> of goals, performance measures, strategies, and costs and evaluation of progress towards <br /> established goals"; <br /> WHEREAS, previous groups that were formed to identify needs, develop plans, and evaluate <br /> request for proposals and make funding recommendations have varied each year resulting in <br /> challenges in consistency; <br /> WHEREAS, the Mason County Board of Commissioners wishes to form a Housing and <br /> Behavioral Health Advisory Board to strategically align the housing, homelessness, mental <br /> health and chemical dependency grant awards to improve the health of Mason County <br /> residents; <br /> WHEREAS, advisory board membership structure did not list federally recognized tribes as a <br /> source of membership and ex officio, non-voting members to serve in a consultative role as <br /> community needs may change; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by Mason County Code Chapter 2.80 and the Mason <br /> County Board of Commissioners that a Mason County Housing and Behavioral Health Advisory <br /> Board be established with the following sources for membership: <br /> • One County Commissioner, designated as Chair <br /> • One City Council Member <br /> • One Board of Health member that is not a county commissioner <br /> • Social Services Funder <br /> • One representative from each tribal nation with land holdings in Mason County, and <br /> • Up to three (3) Mason County residents, not employed by Mason County, but not to <br /> exceed one resident per Mason County Commissioner district. <br /> • All members shall serve a four-year term. <br /> Board members may appoint by vote Ex Officio, non-voting members to serve in a consultative <br /> role (e.g. medical officer, managed care organizations, school districts). Mason County elected <br /> officials, department directors, staff, non-profit Executive Directors and Board Members should <br /> serve as a resource to the Housing and Behavioral Health Advisory Board and attend meetings <br /> as requested. <br />