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clerlL <br /> MASON COUNTY <br /> TO: BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Reviewed: <br /> FROM: Ginger Kenyon Ext. 380 <br /> DEPARTMENT: Support Services Action Agenda <br /> DATE: November 24, 2020 No. 4.1 <br /> ITEM: Correspondence <br /> 4.1.1 Received application from George Blush for the Housing Authority Board. <br /> 4.1.2 Brenda Hirschi sent in a letter resigning from Mason County Trustee <br /> Timberland Regional Library District, and a response from Timberland <br /> Regional Library Cheryl Heywood was received. <br /> 4.1.3 Letter was received from Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding <br /> Flood Insurance Rate Map. <br /> 4.1.4 Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board sent in a liquor license approval <br /> for Potlatch Brewing Co. <br /> 4.1.5 Ken VanBuskirk complimented the Public Works department and Rod LaRue <br /> for their prompt response to a partially plugged culvert on Irene Creek and <br /> he commented on the scoping notice and materials for the Belfair Planned <br /> Action EIS. <br /> 4.1.6 Richard Krase sent in a letter on tabulation of recent Elections. <br /> Attachments: Originals on file with the Clerk of the Board. <br />