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(:c:GMMR3 Neatnerlin-5nutty—rrasK <br /> RECEVED `ClerkJ(�C'h �. K. 41 k <br /> �peoN cony MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> NOV 1 ) 2020 411 NORTH FL'I'HSTREET <br /> SHELTON WA 98584 <br /> Mason County Fax 360-427-8437,• Voice 360-427-9670, Ext.419,275-4467 or482-5269 <br /> rRsa Commissioners <br /> I AM SEEKING APPOINTMENT TO The mason County Housing Authority Board <br /> NAME: George Blush <br /> ADDRESS: PHONE: <br /> CITY/ZIP: VOTING PRECINCT: WORK PHONE: <br /> <br /> (OR AREA IN THE COUNTY YOU LIVE)Shelton E-MAIL <br /> E) <br /> ----------------------------------------------7-----------------=-------------------------- <br /> COMMUNITY SERVICE EMPLOYMENT: (IF RETIRED; PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE) <br /> The Saints Pantry,,TVolunteer,2017=Present COMPANY: Nitas Of Shelton 6/2018- Present YRS <br /> e ton et oo an 2 -Present <br /> The City of Shelton Animal Shelter-2019- POSITION: Waiter <br /> Present <br /> COMPANY: YRS <br /> POSITION: <br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> In your words,what do you perceive is the role or purpose of the Board, Committee or Council for which you are applying: <br /> our role will be to advise the county how to utilize funding for county owned housing and where there are def)ncies <br /> and suggest improvements. It will a our task to look at all the numbers and make reccomen a ions on things like tpi irChase and sale of assets owned hV thp mi intV We will also listen ff)thin, needs of thin commimitV;;nd makp <br /> reccomendations to the county on possible solutions. <br /> What interests, skills do you wish to offer the Board,Committee,or Council? <br /> I provide the level headed problem solving skills that I have aquired over years of nonprofit work and as a small <br /> businessman, I am a forward thinking doer that has never backed down to a challenge. I have also spent years here <br /> Cie <br /> Please list any financial, professional, or voluntary affiliations which may influence or affect your position on this Board: <br /> (i.e.create a potential conflict of interest) <br /> N/A <br /> Your participation is dependent upon attending certain trainings made available by the County during regular business hours <br /> (such as Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records).The trainings would be at no cost to you.Would you be <br /> able to attend such trainings? Yes <br /> Realistically,how much time can you give to this position? <br /> Quarterly Monthly Weekly x Daily <br /> Office Use Only <br /> 11/12/2021 Appointment Date <br /> Signature Date <br /> Term Expire Date <br />