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MASON COUNTY <br /> TO: BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Reviewed: <br /> FROM: Ginger Kenyon Ext. 380 <br /> DEPARTMENT: Support Services Action Agenda <br /> DATE: February 23, 2021 No. 4.1 <br /> ITEM: Correspondence <br /> 4.1.1 Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board sent in the following a Liquor <br /> and Marijuana License due to expire, A liquor license application for Briggsy <br /> Golf, A Change of Corporate Officers for KAI'DRO, a Application for Change of <br /> Location for the Rocky Brook Ranch. <br /> 4.1.2 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission sent in a letter regarding Standard <br /> License Articles 19 and 20. <br /> 4.1.3 Homes First sent in the Annual Report for 2020. <br /> 4.1.4 William Ryberg sent in a application for the Timberland Regional Library <br /> Board of Trustees. <br /> 4.1.5 Brenda Sturnip sent in a letter regarding the Road of Hwy 3 Roy Bode. <br /> Attachments: Originals on file with the Clerk of the Board. <br />