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5) Procedure if Board Renews License Over Your Objection (WAG 314-55-165 (2) (a)) <br /> If the Board decides to renew the license over your objection, you will be notified in writing. At that time, you may be <br /> given an opportunity to request a hearing. An opportunity for a hearing is offered at the Board's discretion. If a hearing <br /> is held, you will be responsible for presenting evidence before an Administrative Law Judge in support of your objection to <br /> license renewal. The Board's Licensing Division will present evidence in support of license renewal. The Licensee may <br /> also participate and present evidence if the licensee desires. The administrative law judge will consider all of the evidence, <br /> and issue an initial order for the Board's review. The Board members have final authority to renew the marijuana license and <br /> will enter a final order announcing their decision. <br /> For questions about this process, contact the WSLCB Licensing Division at (360) 664-1600 or email us at <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Rebecca Smith <br /> Rebecca Smith, Director, <br /> Licensing and Regulation Division <br /> LIQ 864 07/10 <br />