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<br />April 21st, 2021 <br /> <br />FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE <br /> <br />For more information please contact: <br />Lisa Frazier, Mason County Treasurer – 360-427-9670 Ext. 475 <br /> <br /> <br />2021 Property Tax Due Date Extension <br />For Real Property Primarily Used for Business Purposes <br />ESHB 1332 <br />The Washington State Legislature just passed ESHB1332 that allows for an extension of <br />payment on 2021 real property taxes for businesses with a documented 25% reduction in <br />revenue attributable to that real property in 2020 from 2019. <br /> State of Emergency <br />10 (b)(i) Due to the state of emergency declared under RCW 32 43.06.010(12) related to the <br />novel coronavirus, the county treasurer must grant an extension of the due date of any <br />unpaid, nondelinquent taxes payable in 2021, if an eligible taxpayer demonstrates to the <br />county treasurer's satisfaction a loss of at least 25 percent of its revenue attributable to that <br />real property for calendar year 2020 compared to calendar year 2019. <br /> (ii)(A) Eligible taxpayers must request an extension under this subsection from the <br />county treasurer solely upon forms developed or approved by the department. The county <br />treasurer must deny any extension request that is not filed with the county treasurer by April <br />30, 2021. <br />(B) An eligible taxpayer requesting an extension under this subsection (10)(b) must certify <br />under penalty of perjury in accordance with chapter 5.50 RCW that the information contained <br />in the extension request is true and correct. <br />(C) County treasurers may grant an extension under this subsection (10)(b) based solely on <br />the information provided in a person's request for extension. County treasurers may, but are <br />not required to, independently verify the information submitted in a request for extension. <br /> (iii) A county treasurer granting an extension under this subsection (10)(b) must <br />establish a payment plan for the taxes subject to the extension. The county treasurer may <br />determine the payment schedule and other terms of the payment plan. <br />(A) In setting terms for the payment plan, the county treasurer must consider cash flow and <br />other impacts on all relevant taxing jurisdictions. The county treasurer must prioritize payment <br />plan expenditures to protect scheduled bond payments, and otherwise has discretion as to <br />how payments made under the payment plan are expended. <br /> <br />