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was included in a Washington State Dept of Ecology and Squaxin island Tribe and Mason <br /> County, Ecology grant to restore a salmon habitat at <br /> The Lake located at Lk limerick Community and golf course (780 E st Andrews dr Shelton WA <br /> 98584) <br /> via Dredging project and removal of non-native (NON INDIGENOUS IVY-2000 sgft)plant <br /> species and re-planting of idigenous plants to replace the ground cover. <br /> The Lake limerick HOA performed the Defoliant Herbicide application applying the Defoliant <br /> repeatedly on the property . This action of application killed the IVY and all surrounding <br /> vegatation and required that we plant at least 500 sgft of ground cover(45??incline hillside)to <br /> prevent further erosion damage to the hillside. <br /> I (Douglas R Brayton 11 1002 E st Andrews dr Shelton WA 98584)have worked to restore the <br /> yard and soil to complete the groundcover before next season of rain. While working to re-plant <br /> the hillside I have noticed an odd smell from the soil and i am experiencing nausea, loss of <br /> appetite,headaches,blurred vision I believe there is chemical residue the soil (weeds will not <br /> grow in the soil despite being watered repeatedly). I have scheduled an appointment with my <br /> physician for Friday 9 am and I need to know the chemical APPLIED to the property so as to <br /> rule out toxicity. I have requested the chemical name or MSDS number of this chemical from the <br /> HOA Administration, Washington State dept of Ecology, Mason County conservation district, <br /> Mason County health Dept, Washington State Poison control center, Mason County health Dept, <br /> Mason County public works,Administrative Lead at Mason County conservation, Field <br /> Supervisor at Mason County conservation. Supervisor at the Washington State department of <br /> Ecology.NO RESPONSE FROM ANY ENTITIES . <br /> I have not received ANY information concerning this chemical, its application nor any <br /> information concern for my personal health concerns as I have reiterated in this brief report. <br /> I am scheduled to see my physician on Friday June 28th I have contacted all of these entities and <br /> shared this information. There have been no replies thus far to my simple request,I am in belief <br /> there is scandalous behavior and possible corruption occurring within this grant recipients group. <br /> I am also under the belief that a Federally Regulated Substance was illegally applied to the <br /> property located on a body of water(Lake Limerick Wa)where I reside-all of my requests for <br /> permit information or chemical identification have not been answered as of June 28th. <br /> I believe there is a conspiracy to withhold information to avoid penalties. <br /> I have also contacted an attorney advising I seek help from the State of Washington for relief and <br /> this simple request. <br /> I am contacting the Attorney general office as I have no other recourse and need relief or <br /> recommendations as I am concerned about my health and the behaviors surrounding my simple <br /> requests. <br /> Thank you for your time in reading the information I provided. <br /> Douglas R Brayton II <br /> 1002 E saint Andrews dr Shelton WA 98584 <br /> PO BOX 13045 Olympia Washington 98508 <br /> Cell phone 360 463 3037 hm 360 463 3037 <br /> What do you think the business should do to resolve your complaint? <br /> Explain if you have circled 'Other': <br /> SIGNATURE <br /> I acknowledge that my complaint and attachments, once submitted,become public records and <br /> may be disclosed to others in response to a Public Records Request. Complaint information <br /> received by this office will be exported into the FTC's database, Consumer Sentinel, a secure <br /> online database. This data is then made available to thousands of civil and criminal law <br /> enforcement authorities worldwide. <br /> I declare,under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington,that the <br /> information contained in this complaint is true and accurate, and that any documents attached are <br />