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cc: CMMRS Neatherlin, Shutty &Trask <br /> Clerk <br /> PORT OF GRAPEVIEW PFCENED <br /> P.O. Box 3 <br /> 6rapeview, WA 98546 <br /> <br /> AUG 2 2019 <br /> 425-610-6552 Mason County <br /> Commissioners <br /> July 30, 2019 <br /> To the board of Mason County Board of Commissioners; <br /> We as a board,are writing this letter to you as it concerns Mason Lake,which lies within our port district. We have had <br /> several citizens of Mason Lake come to our monthly meetings expressing their frustrations over the boating safety on the <br /> lake. The public boat launch lies within your district as well,so we thought you would be interested in the continued safety <br /> issues on the lake each summer.Back in June one of our commissioners,Jean Farmer,worked with Jim Madden with the <br /> Mason Lake Water Safety Committee.Mr. Madden and Jean observed for over an hour boats being launched and proceeding <br /> through the channel to the main body of the lake in Mr.Madden's boat.Commissioner Farmer was able to observe several <br /> unsafe boating practices from the boat launch to the body of the lake.Many specific ordinances are being broken repeatedly <br /> based on the physical geometry of the channel. Such as 9.04.130,9.04.135 (3)and 9.04.070.These codes call out multiple <br /> conditions that make it 6 mph limit,no skiing allowed,and negligent operation for conditions respectively.The problem was <br /> very clear to see.People driving their boats in the channel portion have no rules.The signage at the boat launch is out of date <br /> and clearly does not say anything about a"no wake zone".There are no"no wake"buoy's in proper place at the start of the <br /> channel at the boat launch end,and there are no buoys at the start of the channel on the lake end.There are a few buoys <br /> placed by people's property they placed themselves,to protect their property. There should be new signage,as well as 4"no <br /> wake"buoys placed in the water by the county.It clearly needs to say at the boat launch that the channel portion of the lake is <br /> a"no wake"zone. We feel this could help communicate the safety issues on this lake.This being done,as well as some <br /> communication with our local paper as well as some internet communication should help to get the word out. As you know, <br /> not having a wake zone is not only a safety issue to people in the water but is also an issue with people who own property on <br /> the water,as it destroys their property and the value. <br /> The Port of Grapeview as well as the Mason Lake Water Safety Committee ask that you investigate this and act responsibly. <br /> We all feel this is an important safety issue that must be addressed and is easily solved also. Perhaps one of you would like <br /> to observe the lake and safety at the boat launch.We suggest going down to the dock on a sunny Saturday weekend. I'm sure <br /> you will see exactly what we are talking about. <br /> Thank you for assistance! <br /> The PQrt of Grapeview Commission Mason Lake Water Safety Committee <br /> V <br /> Email- portofgrapeview@g `��— <br />