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Specific ordinances that are being violated in the channel are: <br /> Mason County Code 9.04.130 6 mph within 300 ft of boat launch <br /> (Speed limits vs distances to objects, swimmers 6 mph within 150 ft of shoreline <br /> and shore) 6 mph within 150 ft of unpowered vessels <br /> 6 mph within 100 ft of structures or swimmers <br /> Mason County Code 9.04.135.(3) Vessel and skier must remain 150 ft from shorelines, piers <br /> (Water Skiing) or restricted areas <br /> Operating a vessel in disregard of careful and prudent <br /> Mason County Code 9.04.070 operation or disregard of:.... <br /> (Negligent Operation) (Speed, wake, traffic, size of body of water) so as to <br /> unduly or unreasonably endanger... (life, limb, property <br /> or other persons rights) <br /> The homeowners concern: Boat and Jet-Ski (PWC) operators simply don't know the physical geometry <br /> of the channel and how it relates to the Mason County Boating Ordinances. Furthermore, the <br /> ordinances are not being enforced. The channel at the north end of Mason Lake is heavily used, <br /> narrow (only 280 ft across) and is very shallow. The channel connects the only public boat launch on <br /> the lake with the main body of the lake so there is a very high number of transiting power vessels. The <br /> narrow channel is also used extensively by non-motorized water craft, paddle boarders, swimmers, etc. <br /> as well as all the power vessels making it unsafe when boats/PWCs operate at high speed. It is a fact <br /> that because of the physical geometry of the channel (only 280ft across), high density usage and dock <br /> configurations along the channel, that operating a boat or PWC at speeds greater than 6 mph would be <br /> a violation of least one or more ordinances listed in the table above and would likely always <br /> violate Mason County Code 9.04.070 (Negligent Operation). Unsafe Boat/PWC operation at high speeds <br /> (including skiers) is common violation in the channel. The high speeds/wakes in the channel are also causing <br /> shoreline erosion and other property damage. <br />