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MASON COUNTY <br /> BRIEFING ITEM SUMMARY FORM <br /> TO: BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> FROM: Jennifer Beierle <br /> DEPARTMENT: Support Services EXT: S32 <br /> BRIEFING DATE: August 12, 2019 <br /> PREVIOUS BRIEFING DATES: N/A <br /> ITEM: Requests for Supplemental Appropriations and Budget Transfers to the 2019 Budget <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The following are requests for supplemental appropriations and budget <br /> transfers: <br /> Supplemental Appropriations: <br /> $8,000 Increase to WSU Extension 001.010 WA State Dept of AG- Knotweed K2827 <br /> $8,000 Increase to Salary &Benefit Coordinator & Extra Help/Seasonal BARS lines. <br /> Budget Transfers/Amendments: <br /> $34,400 from Current Expense Non-Departmental 001.320 — Ending Fund Balance to <br /> $34,400 LEOFF 001.058— LEOFF I Medical <br /> Increase in LEOFF Medical expenses <br /> $12,000 from Current Expense Non-Departmental 001.320 — Ending Fund Balance to <br /> $12,000 Prosecutor 001.180 —Case Management <br /> Start-up fees for add-on modules to increase efficiencies in delivering and serving law <br /> enforcement with subpoenas and streamlining the discovery process with defense counsel <br /> $50,000 from Sales & Use Tax Fund 103— Ending Fund Balance to <br /> $50,000 Sales & Use Tax Fund 103 —City of Shelton Sewer Payments <br /> Error correction from 2nd quarter budget supplemental due to transposing a'9'to a'4' in the ten <br /> thousands' place on the special funds total. Took the difference out of the Sales &Use Tax fund <br /> amendment, and this entry corrects the original error <br /> $24,000 from Current Expense Non-Departmental 001.320— Ending Fund Balance to <br /> $12,000 Emergency Management 001.050 — DEM Manager salary & benefit lines <br /> $12,000 Parks &Trails 001.146 — Parks &Trails Manager salary & benefit lines <br /> Due to separation of manager position for Facilities, Parks &Trails, DEM, &IT in the 2019 budget <br /> $240,000 four Current Expense Non-Departmental 001.320 Ending Fund Balance to <br /> $240,000 CE Non-Departmental 001.300 —Accrued Leave Payments <br /> Due to higher than originally budgeted accrued leave payments <br /> RECOMMENDED OR REQUESTED ACTION: Request to set public hearing for September 17th at 9:15 <br /> am to consider and approve supplemental budget requests and budget transfers. <br /> PUBLIC OUTREACH: N/A <br /> ATTACHMENTS: Requests are available for review. <br /> J:\Budget Office\Briefing,Agenda,&Public Hearing Items\Budget Hearings\2019\9.17.19 Budget Hearing\Briefing <br /> Summary 5.6.2019-Budget.doc <br />