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RESOLUTION NO. I I <br /> 2019 BUDGET <br /> BUDGET SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS AND AMENDMENT REQUESTS-NOTICE OF HEARING <br /> WHEREAS, by reason of conditions which could not be reasonably foreseen at the time of making the budget <br /> for the year 2019, it is necessary to make provisions for supplemental appropriations and amendments to the budget <br /> as required by RCW 36.40.100,and RCW 36.40.195;and <br /> WHEREAS, the revenue and expenditure adjustments to County funds, as listed in Attachment A to this <br /> Resolution, are required in order to incorporate into the budget the revenues and expenditures now identified,which <br /> were not known at the time of original budget adoption;and <br /> WHEREAS,the net total of adjustments to 2019 authorized expenditure appropriations in the General Fund is <br /> an increase of$326,750;and <br /> WHEREAS, the net total of adjustments to 2019 authorized expenditure appropriations in funds other than <br /> the General Fund is an increase of$1,090,825;and <br /> THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Board of Mason County Commissioners: <br /> That the 10'day of December, 2019 at the hour of 9:15 a.m., in the Mason County Commissioners Chambers in <br /> Courthouse Building I,411 North Fifth Street,Shelton,Washington, is hereby fixed as the time and place for a <br /> public hearing upon the matter of Budget Amendment Requests to the 2019 Budget as provided in Attachment A <br /> &B to this Resolution. <br /> Contact person:Jennifer Beierle, Budget Manager, (360)427-9670 ext. 532 <br /> A copy of this resolution and the proposed amendments to the 2019 budget is available by contacting <br /> Kelly Bergh at(360)427-9670 ext. 644. <br /> The Clerk of the Board is hereby authorized,empowered,and directed to cause notice of such hearing to be published <br /> as provided by law. <br /> DATED this 19th of November,2019 <br /> ATTEST: BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> MASON COUNTY,WASHINGTON <br /> too, <br /> Meli salir,-A,Clerk of th <br /> Board Kevin Shutty,dhair <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM: X/ g� <br /> Ran&y Neatherlin,Commissioner <br /> Tim Whitehead,Chief DPA <br /> CC: Auditor—Financial Services Sharon Trask,Commissioner <br /> Publish 2x 11/27&12/5 bill to <br /> Commissioners, <br /> 411 North 5th Street,Shelton <br />