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MASON COUNTY <br /> BRIEFING ITEM SUMMARY FORM <br /> TO : BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> FROM : Dawn Twiddy <br /> DEPARTMENT : Human Resources EXT: 422 <br /> BRIEFING DATE : January 13, 2020 <br /> PREVIOUS BRIEFING DATES : <br /> If this is a follow- up briefing, lease provide only new information <br /> INTERNAL REVIEW ( please check all that apply) : ❑ Budget/ Finance ❑ Human Resources <br /> ❑ Legal ❑ Other — please explain <br /> ITEM : Four reclassification requests were received , which are presented in their entirety <br /> from the applicable departments with a corresponding analysis and recommendations from <br /> Human Resources . <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: ( If applicable, please include available options and <br /> potential solutions) : Resolution 71 - 15 amended the Personnel Policy adding Chapter 5 . 3 <br /> Reclassification with an effective date of January 1 , 2016 . Reclassifications are reallocations <br /> of positions from one class to another as a result of changed duties, responsibilities, and/or <br /> authority of a position . . A classification analysis focuses upon the qualifications, <br /> responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the position and not the qualifications of the incumbent <br /> in the position . <br /> The following factors may be considered as evidence of possible eligibility for reclassification : <br /> a . A majority of job duties have changed to the extent they are more accurately reflected in <br /> another existing classification description ; b . A majority of job duties have changed to the <br /> extent the job entails a different skill set, which requires increased education or experience in <br /> order to perform essential job functions . <br /> The following circumstances are NOT factors to be considered reasons for reclassification : a . <br /> Increased volume of the same level of work; b . Added duties of a similar nature already <br /> covered by the current classification or requiring similar skills, education, or experiences c . <br /> Duties within a current classification that have not been previously assigned ; d . Additional <br /> assigned duties in a higher classification unless those duties become a majority of the <br /> current position ; e . Enhanced technological tools to perform current duties; f. Salary <br /> differences for similar jobs in other jurisdictions; g . Reclassifications which occur in other <br /> departments . <br /> BUDGET IMPACT : Supplemental budget amendments would need to be analyzed by <br /> Jennifer Bierle . Human Resources have recommended a total cost of $ in reclassification <br /> requests . <br /> PUBLIC OUTREACH : ( Include any legal requirements, direct notice, website, <br /> community meetings, etc. ) <br /> Briefing Summary 1 /3/2020 <br />