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NEWS RELEASE <br /> October 20,2020 <br /> MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> 411 NORTH 5TH ST <br /> SHELTON,WA 98584 <br /> (360) 427-9670 EXT. 380 <br /> TO: KMAS, KRXY, SHELTON-MASON COUNTY JOURNAL, THE OLYMPIAN, <br /> SHELTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,NORTH MASON CHAMBER OF <br /> COMMERCE, CITY OF SHELTON, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT <br /> COUNCIL, THE SUN <br /> RE: Housing Authority of Mason County Board of Commissioners Opening <br /> Mason County is seeking applicants to fill positions on the Housing Authority of Mason <br /> County Board of Commissioners. <br /> The Housing Authority is the owner/manager of Pine Garden Apartments, Goldsborough <br /> Cove Apartments, Fairmont Cove Apartments, and the Kneeland Park Apartments. <br /> The Mason County Housing Authority is a five-member board. The board typically <br /> meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.,with special meetings scheduled as <br /> necessary. The time commitment is approximately 2—3 hours per month. Appointed <br /> Commissioners normally serve a five-year term. <br /> Interested persons are encouraged to apply for this board by completing an advisory <br /> board application form that can be downloaded from our website— <br /> or by calling the Commissioners' office at 427-9670 ext. 419 or 275-4467 ext. 419, or <br /> 482-5269 ext. 419. <br /> Applications to serve on the board are being accepted until filled and should be submitted <br /> to the Mason County Commissioners, 411 N. 5th, Shelton, WA 98584. <br /> If there are questions about this board, please contact the Commissioners' office at 427- <br /> 9670, Ext. 419. <br /> BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> Sharon Tras Kevin Shutty Randy Neatherlm <br /> Chair Commissio er Commissioner <br />