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MASON COUNTY <br /> BRIEFING ITEM SUMMARY FORM <br /> TO: BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> FROM: Mike Collins, PLS, PE, Deputy Director/County Engineer <br /> DEPARTMENT: Public Works EXT: 450 <br /> BRIEFING DATE: November 23, 2020 <br /> PREVIOUS BRIEFING DATES: August 31, 2020 <br /> If this is a follow-up briefing, lease provide only new information <br /> INTERNAL REVIEW (please check all that apply): ❑ Budget/Finance ❑ Human <br /> Resources ❑ Legal ❑ Other— please explain <br /> ITEM: Road Vacation No. 401— Hearings Examiner Recommendation <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br /> Tru North Investments has petitioned for a vacation of several streets in the plat of <br /> Lakewood A, C, D and F. All of the requested street to be vacated front properties <br /> that Tru North Investments own. These plats were recording between 1913 and <br /> 1913 and are very small lots. <br /> The Examiner issued his Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and <br /> Recommendations on November 15, 2020 recommending approval of the proposed <br /> vacation with one condition: <br /> That the county shall approve the proposed street vacation, subject to any existing <br /> utility easements for ingress and egress for any other purpose, if any and in <br /> accordance with RCW 36.87.140, retaining an easement in favor of Mason County <br /> for any utilities present in the vacated right of way and subject to the following <br /> recommended condition: <br /> 1. Due to concerns regarding unintendedly landlocking privately owned <br /> parcels, the Applicant shall record ingress/egress easements in gross <br /> running with the land. <br /> Public Works requests that the Board consider and act on the recommendation at <br /> the December 8, 2020 meeting. <br /> RECOMMENDED OR REQUESTED ACTION: <br /> Recommend that the Board consider the Hearings Examiner recommendation to <br /> approve Road Vacation No. 401, vacating several streets in Lakewood Plats A, C, D <br /> and F. <br /> Attachments: <br /> 1. Hearing Examiner Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommendations <br /> 2. Order of Vacation <br /> Briefing Summary <br />