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though they will if they were to ever sell in part. They would be open to a condition of <br /> I approval guaranteeing future access for all properties. <br /> 2 Mr. Collins stated a condition requiring no one becomes landlocked is amenable to the <br /> 3 County. <br /> 4 EXHIBITS <br /> 5 The Staff Report was admitted as Ex. 1 with Attachments Al-E5 at the October 14, <br /> 6 2020 public hearing. <br /> 7 FINDINGS OF FACT <br /> 8 Procedural: <br /> 9 <br /> 10 1. Hearing. A virtual hearing on the petition for vacation was held on October <br /> 14, 2020 at 2:00 pm via Zoom. The record was left open until 5 pm October 15, 2020 <br /> 11 to allow for additional opportunities for public comment. <br /> 12 <br /> Substantive: <br /> 13 <br /> 2. Site/Proposal Description. The petitioner,Tru North Investments,LLC,has <br /> 14 petitioned for vacation of several streets in the plats of Lakewood Plats A, C,D and F 1. <br /> 15 3. Utility of Vacation Area. As conditioned,the roads subject to vacation are <br /> 16 not necessary to the County's road system or to ensure access to the existing lots of the <br /> vacation area. The subdivision was platted in 1912 and 1913 with very small urban <br /> 17 style lots and narrow roads. Most of the right of way was never developed because of <br /> steep topography and ravines. There are currently no roads of any kind within these <br /> 18 rights of way. There is a small, unpaved portion of Olympic View Drive in Lakewood <br /> 19 Plat A that does not serve any of the property owned by the petitioner. Tru North <br /> Investments wishes to vacate the existing road system adjacent to its properties in order <br /> 20 to re-plat the lots and rights of ways in a design feasible for development.The petitioner <br /> has purchased two lots adjacent to Highway 106, South Shore Road,to provide access <br /> 21 points to the re-platted area. <br /> 22 The rights of way are each 40 feet wide, which is less than the current 66-foot side <br /> 23 standards (Mason County Road Commission design standards for all County streets <br /> and roads Section IV(C)(2),page 7).The topography is such that very little of the rights <br /> 24 of way as currently platted could be feasibly constructed and would not provide for the <br /> connected grid system as originally contemplated in the Lakewood plats. <br /> 25 <br /> 1 For a list of the Road Names,please refer to Ex 1,Att.A,Pages 1-2 and Att. C,Pages <br /> 1-3. <br /> Road Vacation p. 2 Recommendation <br />