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Cc:CMMR8 Neatherlin, 5nutty,- I7asK - <br /> lerk C ;('lei'L� � + W OD <br /> November 10, 2020 E V + <br /> From: Brenda Hirschi " NOV I b <br /> 191 SE Allen Road <br /> Shelton, WA 98584 Mason County <br /> Commissioners <br /> To: BOCC, Mason County BOCC, Grays Harbor County. BOCC, Pacific County <br /> 411 North 5th Street 100 West Broadway, Suite #1 1216 W Robert Bush Drive <br /> Shelton, WA 98584 Montesano, WA 98563 PO Box 187 <br /> South Bend, WA 98586 <br /> BOCC, Lewis County BOCC, Thurston County <br /> 351 NW North Street 2000 Lake Ridge Dr SW, #269 <br /> Chehalis, WA 98532 Olympia, WA 98502 <br /> Dear Com s: <br /> It has been an honor to serve as the Mason County Trustee to the Timberland Regional <br /> Library District for nearly three years. At this time it is with regret that I submit my resignation <br /> as I find the conflict, misinformation, dysfunction, and lack of transparency to be such that I no <br /> longer want to be associated with TRL. <br /> The final straw for me was the fact that just eight days following the Board's approval of the <br /> 2020 budget, Executive Director Cheryl Heywood paid her direct reports salary increases as <br /> much as 25 percent higher than was budgeted in the just approved budget. Nine months <br /> passed before trustees learned of these exorbitant salary increases and only then when we <br /> received the 2021 draft budget. <br /> C) <br /> Ms Heywood approved on January 8, 2020 an increase to one direct report's salary from � <br /> ' <br /> $84,975 to $104,508 for a whopping 23 percent increase in just one year. In 2021 this t8% <br /> employee will receive another 5 percent salary increase bringing her pay to $109,807. When I <br /> came on the board in February 2018, this employee while serving as Executive Assistant to <br /> Ms Heywood earned a salary of$66,088 according to the 2018 Adopted Budget. Over the <br /> nearly three years I've served as a trustee, the Executive Assistant has risen to the position of <br /> Director of Administration with a salary increase of at least 66%. 1 say "at least" because <br /> apparently Ms Heywood can make the call much her direct reports are paid without <br /> any accountability to the trustees or transparency to the public. <br /> At least three other direct reports to Ms Heywood have received similar salary increases. One <br /> direct report is slated for a salary increase of 27% according to the 2021 Preliminary Budget <br /> and has been employed by TRL for less than a year. The above-mentioned employee, who <br /> went from Executive Assistant to Director of Operations, to my knowledge, never competed for <br /> her current position. <br /> As a trustee, I have attended and been prepared for every board meeting and missed only two <br /> assigned committee meetings when I was out of state attending to my mother before she died. <br /> Using my past nearly three decades of financial management education and experience, I <br />