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Cc:CMMRS Neatherlin, Shutty, Trask <br /> (CI rk- <br /> Washington State <br /> Liquor and Cannabis Board <br /> P 0 BOX 43098 a4 � ''v� <br /> Fax #: (360) 753-2710 <br /> February 06, 2021 <br /> Dear Local Authority: <br /> Mason County <br /> RE: Marijuana License Renewal Applications in Your Jurisdiction - Your Objection Opportunity Co_'Mm?s;i:° 3nerS <br /> Enclosed please find a list of marijuana licensed premises in your jurisdiction whose marijuana licenses will expire in abount 90 days. <br /> This is your opportunity to object to these license renewal requests as authorized by RCW 69.50.331 (7) . <br /> 1 ) Objection to License Renewal <br /> To object to a marijuana license rnewal: <br /> This letter must: fax-or mail a letter to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WS-LCB) Licensing Division. <br /> o Detail the reason(s) for your objection, including a statement of all the facts upon which your objection or objections are <br /> based. <br /> o You may include attachments and supporting documents which contain or confirm the facts upon which your objections are based. <br /> o Please note that whether a hearing will be granted or not is within the Board's discretion per RCW 69.50.331 (7) (c) . <br /> Your letter of objection must be received by the Board's Licensing Division at least 30 days prior to the license <br /> expiration date (WAC 314-55-165) . If you need additional time you must request that in writing. Please be aware, however, <br /> that it is within the Board's discretion to grant or deny any requests for extension of time to submiti objections. <br /> Your request for extension will be granted or denied in writing. If the objection is received within thirty days of <br /> the expiration date or the licensee has already renewed the license, the objection will be considered as a complaint <br /> and possible license revocation may be pursued by the enforcement division. <br /> A copy of your objection and any attachments and supporting materials will be made available to the licensee, therefore, it is the <br /> Local Authority's responsibility to redact any confidential or non-disclosable information (see RCW 42.56) prior to submission to <br /> the WSLCB. <br /> I <br /> 2) Status of License While Objection Pending <br /> During the time an objection to a renewal is pending, the permanent marijuana license is placed on hold. <br /> 3) Procedure Following Licensing Division Receipt of Objection <br /> After we receive your objection, our licensing staff will prepare a report for review by the Licensing Director. The report <br /> will include your letter of objection, as well as any attachments and supporting documents you send. The Licensing Director <br /> will then decide to renew the marijuana license, or to proceed with non-renewal. <br /> 4) Procedure if Board Does Not Renew License (WAC 314-55-165 (2) (b) ) <br /> } If the Board decides not to renew a license, we will notify the licensee in writing, stating the reason for this decision. The <br /> licensee also has the right to request a hearing to contest non-renewal of their marijuana license. If the licensee makes <br /> timely request for a hearing, we will notify you. The Board's Licensing Division will be required to present evidence at the <br /> at the hearing before an administrative law judge to support the non-renewal recommendation. You may present evidence in <br /> support of your objection or objections. The administrative law judge will consider all of the evidence and issue an initial <br /> order 9DnobheiBgatH6!rrde¢ibwio1ffhe Board members have final authority to renew the marijuana license and will enter a final <br />