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MASON COUNTY. <br /> BRIEFING ITEM SUMMARY FORM <br /> TO: BOARD OF MASON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> FROM: David Windom <br /> DEPARTMENT: MCCS EXT: 260 <br /> BRIEFING DATE: 22 February 2021 <br /> PREVIOUS BRIEFING DATES: <br /> If this is a follow-up briefing, please provide only new information NA <br /> INTERNAL REVIEW (please check all that apply): ❑ Budget/Finance ❑ Human Resources <br /> ❑ Legal ❑ Other— please explain Frank Pinter <br /> ITEM: Final Draft for Local Review of WRIA 15 <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: (If applicable, please include available options and potential <br /> solutions): The enclosed document represents more than two years of work by the WRIA 15 <br /> Committee and is submitted for local review and approval. Commissioner Neatherlin and <br /> Director Windom worked on this project and will carry the recommendation of the board <br /> forward to the committee. The WRIA committee will vote in early April via consensus to send <br /> this plan forward to Ecology as an approved plan for Ecology to review or to not approve the <br /> plan at which point Ecology will take the plan as written as a base for its plan for WRIA 15. <br /> BUDGET IMPACT: Budget impacts are difficult to determine based on the plan lifetime of <br /> 20 years and the variation of project proposals and county involvement. <br /> PUBLIC OUTREACH:(include any legal requirements, direct notice,website, community <br /> meetings, etc.) <br /> If the plan is approved by the committee and then by Ecology, the County will hold a public <br /> hearing to adopt the completed plan <br /> RECOMMENDED OR REQUESTED ACTION: Review and discuss implications of the <br /> enclosed plan. <br /> ATTACHMENTS: <br /> 1962/37327/watershed restorati <br /> on and enhancement - wria 15.aspx <br /> Briefing Summary 2/9/2021 <br />