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ORDINANCE NO. , 2020-03(formally known as 20-03) <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING MASON COUNTY CODE CHAPTER 6.72.030— <br /> SOLID WASTE HANDLING ADDING SECTION ON <br /> SOLID WASTE FLOW CONTROL <br /> AN ORDINANCE, amending Mason County Code Chapter 6.72, Section .030, adding <br /> section "I"establishing "Solid Waste Flow Control"; <br /> WHEREAS, Mason County is charged by Chapter 70.95 RCW with responsibility for <br /> adopting a comprehensive solid waste management plan to control the disposal of solid waste <br /> generated and collected within its boundaries; and <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 36.58.040, authorizes the Mason County Board of Commissioners to <br /> provide by ordinance for the establishment of a system of solid waste disposal for the <br /> unincorporated areas of the County, to designate disposal sites and enter agreements with <br /> operators of disposal sites relating to utilization of and rates for solid waste handling systems, <br /> plants, sites and other facilities; <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 36.58.040 and RCW 36.58.045 authorize the County to fund its <br /> expenses incurred in connection with RCW 70.95 <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, that the Board of Mason County <br /> Commissioners hereby amends Chapter 6.72 of the Mason County Code, "Solid Waste <br /> Handling", by adding Section .030 (I), entitled "Solid Waste Flow Control" and to read as set <br /> forth on Exhibit 1, attached hereto and incorporated by reference. <br /> DATED this T" day of , 2020 <br /> ATTEST: BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br /> Meliss D , Clerk-of;/the Board <br /> Kevin Shutty, hair <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM: <br /> r72Sharon Trask, Vice Chair <br /> Tim Whl ad, Ch. DPA <br /> Rand eatherlin, CCemissioner <br /> Cc: Elected Officials <br /> Dept. Heads <br />