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RESOLUTION NO. 2020-05(formally known as 20-05) <br /> AMENDING RESOLUTION 07-15 <br /> A RESOLUTION SETTING the salary for District Court Commissioner and District Court Judge Pro tempore <br /> appointed by the District Court Judge. <br /> WHEREAS, Per RCW 3.34.130 states that each district court shall designate one or more persons as <br /> judge pro tempore who shall serve during the temporary absence, disqualification, or incapacity of a <br /> district court judge or to serve as an additional judge for excess caseload or special set cases, and <br /> WHEREAS, Per RCW 3.34.130, A Judge Pro tempore shall be paid the salary authorized by the county <br /> legislative authority. AND <br /> WHEREAS, <br /> • The cost of living has increased significantly since 2015. <br /> • An average of the comparable counties for Judge Pro tempore as of 2019 is$ 80.86 per <br /> hour. <br /> • RCW 3.34.130(2) - For each day that a judge pro tempore serves in excess of thirty days <br /> during any calendar year, the annual salary of the district judge in whose place the judge <br /> pro tempore serves shall be reduced by an amount equal to one-two hundred fiftieth of <br /> such salary: PROVIDED,That each full time district judge shall have up to fifteen days <br /> annual leave without reduction for service on judicial commissions established by the <br /> legislature or the chief justice of the supreme court. No reduction in salary shall occur <br /> when a judge pro tempore serves: <br /> (a) While a district judge is using sick leave granted in accordance with RCW 3.34.100; <br /> (b) While a district court judge is disqualified from serving following the filing of an <br /> affidavit of prejudice; <br /> (c) As an additional judge for excess case load or special set cases; or <br /> (d) While a district judge is otherwise involved in administrative, educational, or judicial <br /> functions related to the performance of the judge's duties: PROVIDED, That the <br /> appointment of judge pro tempore authorized under subsection (2)(c) and (d) of this <br /> section is subject to an appropriation for this purpose by the county legislative authority. <br /> WHEREAS, the District Court submitted the 2020 budget reflecting the increase to $ 75.00 <br /> THEREFORE, it is hereby resolved that effective on January 1, 2020; increase the hourly rate for District <br /> Court Commissioner and District Court Judge Pro tempore to $75.00 per hour. <br /> ADOPTED this day of 2 267-0) <br /> ATTEST: BOARD OF COUNT COMMISSIONERS <br /> MASON COUNTY WASHINGTON <br /> Meli s ry, Clerk#the Board 07a <br /> APPROVE AS TO FORM: Kevin Shutty, Co missioner <br /> C A Sharon Tra , Commissioner <br /> Tim Whitehead, Chief Deputy AOf 15��A7 <br /> Ran y Neatherlin, Commissioner <br />