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BEFORE THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONER OF <br /> MASON COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br /> RE: LOCAL DECLARATION ) <br /> OF MASON COUNTY ) <br /> AS A DISASTER AREA ) RESOLUTION# 2-D.7O -3Z <br /> WHEREAS,for the last 72 days(starting January 27,2020)there has been COVID-19 <br /> pandemic culminating on April 7,2020,in a disaster by creating multiple confirmed positive cases in parts <br /> of Mason County; and, <br /> WHEREAS,this COVID-19 pandemic has caused local resources to be exhausted or about to <br /> be exhausted, said resources are still depleted;and, <br /> WHEREAS,there is a present emergency which necessitates activation of the Mason County <br /> Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan(CEMP), Public Health Emergency Activation <br /> Functional Plan, and utilization of emergency powers granted pursuant to RCS 36.40.180 and RCW <br /> 38.52.070(2); and <br /> WHEREAS,a viral pandemic has and still is occurring to all residents and staff of Mason <br /> County resulting in the need for assistance to impacted citizens to quarantine and/or medically <br /> isolate with a focus of providing assistance for medical surges resulting in the need for emergency <br /> sheltering, funding, staffing and relaxed time frames throughout the county; and, <br /> WHEREAS, this disaster has caused and will cause an undetermined amount of financial, <br /> emotional and long lasting impacts to citizens,businesses and public entities in Mason County, <br /> and, <br /> WHEREAS, severity and magnitude of this disaster/pandemic is beyond the capability of <br /> local resources; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE <br /> BE IT RESOLVED <br /> SECTION 1. It is hereby declared by the Board of Mason County Commissioners that,in <br /> accordance with the terms and conditions of RCW 36.40.180, there is an emergency due to the <br /> above stated conditions in Mason County; therefore, designated departments are authorized to enter <br /> into contracts and incur obligations necessary to combat such disaster,protecting the health and <br /> safety of persons and property, and providing emergency assistance to the victims of such disaster; <br /> and, <br /> SECTION 2. Each designated department is authorized, in accordance with the terms and <br /> conditions of RCW 38.52.070(2), to exercise the powers vested under Section 1 of this resolution in <br /> the light of the exigencies of an extreme emergency situation without regard to time-consuming <br /> 1 <br />