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RESOLUTION NO. X20- T5 <br /> ESTABLISH THE US ELECTIONS SECURITY ASSISTANCE <br /> REVOLVING ACCOUNT <br /> PURSUANTTO THE COVID 19 CARES ACT <br /> Fund#001.000000.030.034 <br /> WHEREAS, Mason County has entered into an Intergovernmental Grant Agreements between the State of <br /> Washington,Office of the Secretary of State for a Federal Awards,CDFDA 90-404 HAVA Election Security Grants in <br /> the amount of$169,509.84 and$136,674.24. <br /> WHEREAS,the purpose of the grants are to <br /> a. Prevent,prepare for,and respond to coronavirus domestically or internationally,for the 2020 Federal <br /> election cycle <br /> b. Improve the administration of elections for Federal office,including to enhance election technology and <br /> make election security improvements"to the systems,equipment and processes used in federal elections <br /> WHEREAS,the grant agreements requires the county to place the funds received in an interest bearing <br /> account. All funds will remain in that account until spent by the county on allowable activities. <br /> WHEREAS,interest earned on deposited funds will be spent on allowable activities under the grant <br /> agreement. <br /> WHEREAS, unused grant funds shall be returned to the Office of the Secretary of State on December 31, <br /> 2020,and December 20,2024 unless the grant agreement is terminated sooner. In the event of termination of the <br /> grant agreement,interest earned on deposited funds shall be remitted to Office of the Secretary of State together <br /> with all unspent federal and state match funds in the account <br /> WHEREAS,the Mason County Auditor and/or designee(s)in partnership with the Mason County Treasurer <br /> and/or designee(s)are authorized to receive, pay and transfer revenue and expenses as approved in writing <br /> between the Elections Fund#001.000000.030.034 and the US ELECTIONS SECURITY ASSISSTANCE Checking <br /> Account. <br /> WHEREAS,the Mason County Treasurer,has reviewed and approves of creating a revolving account for <br /> the US Election Security Assistance Funds. The Elections Department will be the responsible party for reconciling <br /> the monthly bank statement and providing such reconciliation to the Mason County Treasurer's Office. <br />